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2 mei 2013

If you need a quick Gift!!!!!!

So, have you ever needed a quick gift and didn't have time to make one or shop for one?
Well, this is a quick project that will make a great personalized gift!
These are bookmarks I made from scrapbook supplies......

These took less than 10 minutes to make for the both of them.
Bonus : this is a quick way to use up your leftover supplies and tiny bits of papers... 

Here's a fun technique: double stamping. The darker heart is stamped in the regular way.
The lighter heart is done by stamping immediately after, but not re-inking.

I used a chipboard heart, cut in half on this bookmark.
I do not recommend using embellishments any thicker than this.
Remember, it will be tucked away in the pages of a book!

On the second one I didn't even use glue! It's all held down with washi tape.


3 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great projekt Abigail.....I love simple to make a great gift!!!!

  2. what a great idea, thanks for sharing.

  3. Reaaly a good idea to use small pieces. Thks for sharing!


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