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14 december 2017

Christmas Wreath met Cathy Sanders.....

Vandaag op het blog van Scrapplezier een geweldige Kerst Tutorial gemaakt door Cathy Sanders!!
Deze tutorial is in het engels in combinatie met foto's..

Christmas Wreath

I have been wanting to make a wreath for years and years but my excuse has always been that I don't have the circle backing to do it. Well this year that will change. I found a few fun ideas on pinterest and thought how to adapt them so make a wreath with what I have on hand.

One of the ideas I saw used an embroidery hoop. Well I don't have one just lying around. I saw another idea where the crafter cut a huge circle out of a cardboard box... now that I do have as I have been collecting boxes for other crafty ideas. So I can definitely make a wreath now. So here's the how to:

1. Cut a circle frame out of a small piece of cardboard box. Yes it is fairly flimsy but it will serve the purpose.
2. Decide on your colour scheme and cut strips of paper between 0.5 and 1cm wide. Make sure that they are all the same width. The example I saw used old magazine which leads to a multi-coloured wreath. I've used leftover paper strips that I had on hand.
Fold these strips into a whole bunch of streamers. It's a  mind numbing exercise that I tend to do whilst watching tv. (Just a side note, I usually do this with the straw papers in a restaurant to keep my hands busy... hehehe, so have lots of practice!).
3. Now the fun part. Make a long chain of streamers and wind it loosly around the cirle till you get to the start and join the two together.
4. Repeat over and over with streamers laying them next to the last one. The more you add the closer they will get and the wreath will take shape.
5. Once the wreath is full enough, you can add a few finishing touches, like a paper bow, holly leaves, etc etc.
6. Tie a string around and hang it up.
 Prachtige eigen gemaakte tutorial van Cathy, mooi projekt om bijvoorbeeld aan de deur of muur te hangen tijdens de kerstdagen.

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