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14 april 2016

Remember met Erin Reed.............

Vandaag hebben wij wel iets heel speciaals, zeer emotioneel, frustrerend en wat voor Erin
een dag is waar zij elk jaar weer mee geconfronteerd wordt!!!
Ik heb besloten om haar verhaal dan ook niet te vertalen en het in haar eigen zeer emotionele 
woorden aan jullie te vertellen.

The 7 year anniversary of my daughter Kristen's death was coming up and my son asked 
to see pictures of his little sister.  She passed away very unexpectedly of SIDS when she was
4 months old and it forever changed who I am. 
You never get over a loss of a child, but you work though it.  My way of working
through the pain is my creative outlet, it was the reason I really started to scrapbook and delve
deep into the art and craft world.   

The picture is of my husband and I at the funeral home the day before the funeral.  
We chose to have her body embalmed, but just for us to view. 
We felt it would be odd for our friends
and family to see a dead baby, and I still feel a bit weird letting people 
see the pictures of here like this, I would rather everyone see 
her alive and happy.
When we went to view her that day a friend came with the program 
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep to take pictures of our last moments with our daughter.
I have not looked at these pictures since the day of the funeral when she gave them to me.
They went on a shelf and I really just have not had the strength to see them again and 
bring up all the memories of that painful day.  Time has gone by, 
and my son who is now 10 (he was 3 when she passed) is still asking tons of questions 
about what happened to her and asked to see the pictures. 
There was a lot of crying on both of our parts while viewing the pictures, and I decided 
it was time to do something with them.

My emotions are fully obvious in the picture and tried to convey that feeling of pain,
anguish, love, frustration, hurt, numbness, and just anger into my layout.
I used a ton of paper tearing, layers of gesso, other mediums, stencils, splatters, misting, and really
just getting mad at my layout beating it all to hell as a poured my heart into the piece.



2 opmerkingen:

  1. kippenvel.. wat knap dat je dit hier wilt delen..met ons..
    Een heel mooi mixed media canvas is het geworden..
    Een groot gemis.. heel veel sterkte.. voor allemaal.
    xxx miranda

  2. such a loss!
    great what you did with this photo!
    big hug


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