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20 december 2013

Christmas mail box!!!!!

I already saw these wonderful mail boxes to adorn. In fact you can buy them but I was too anxious to start and I just make it on my own out of chipboard. I thik they are simply irresistable and you can myke them as perfect Christmas gifts. Who wouldn't be happy to receve on e of these?
The funny thing of this one is that I wanted to cover the vine branches with snow and I just took some white acrilyc and mixed in some UTEE and when dry it looks just like snow. Of course the addition of some blinks makes it more prescious and I see it like sun that is shining on cristal white snow.
I decided to hang some christmas balls on the branches and I used grungeboard because is rigid and resistant in time.

It's logical that a mail box can't be empty. I'm always excited when I find something in it (of cvourse not bills :-)). I created a mini using old envelopes.

Also for this mini I used a ribbon banner that I already talked about and as I said here is a tutorial how to do it. It's soooooo simple but has a great effect in my oppinion.
You'll need:
-large ribbon
-a stripe of cardstock
-glue stick

Step 1: Apply the glue on the cardstock. 

Step2: Apply the cardstock on the ribbon. 

Step 3: Cut out the extremes of the banner.

Step 4: Now you can give your ribbon the shape you want.

I hope you liked it and use it in your projects. Have a nice weekend!!!!

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Jeetje Astrid, wat ziet dit er mooi uit zeg! En dat minialbumpje erin.. heel mooi.

    groetjes Sonja

  2. dames van scrapplezier: het zou wel zo netjes zijn als jullie ook vermelden waar deze mailbox vandaan komt: ere wie ere toekomt, tenslotte.
    Het is hier te vinden:

  3. Oeps.. Bedankt Sylvia.
    Het is altijd de bedoeling de bron te vermelden.


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Bedankt voor je bezoek !
Obrigada pela visita !

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